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Digital printing is perfected at the Bureau


Digital printing has been a watchword for many years now, but at The Bureau it is a daily reality. We use leading systems and technologies to provide a fast and effective digital printing service with fast turnarounds at the highest possible international ISO standard.

Digital printing is an process that uses electronic files and colour dots to produce an image with toner or ink. Compared to Litho printing, no plates are required, meaning that no printing plates are required, speeding up the process. It is more suitable than Litho print for short printing runs. This makes it cost-effective and fast.

Create unique items with quick turnaround and with advancements in digital print, quality is on par with litho print. While the cost is more expensive per item with digital, you save by avoiding all the technical steps, time and personnel required to print using Litho.

With this ultra-variable, short-run, print-on-demand printing press, The Bureau reveals the power of personalisation and you are able to customise every printed piece to your specific needs.

There are some factors to consider when choosing between the two prints such as type of stock, turnaround, quality, price and more.

Digital printing is more limited with the type of stock that can be printed onto and is not as great quality as litho print when used on finishes that have been applied. Litho methods print more vivid images onto a wider range of materials.

The time or turnaround that your project takes – digital print is a lot faster as there are less setups needed and no need to make plates.

Personalisation is possible on both but better suited to digital print.

While time influences price, digital is less expensive for shorter runs but litho is cheaper for longer runs because the more units that are made, the more the price per item is reduced.

While some offset printers can accommodate heavier stock, litho is more suitable for the weight of stock.

Litho printing is best for the use of metallic ink and UV varnishing.

While many digital printers are good at matching pantone colours, litho print is better suited for a high quality range of colours, especially if there are spot requirements.

Full colour, shorter run lengths are better for digital while longer, high-quality run lengths are  better for litho print.

Litho print is more reliable when it comes to overprinting as digital print tends to lower the quality produced with overprinting.

Digital prints can still print high quality prints at smaller sizes but litho print need higher resolution for high quality results, making image quality of the originala considerable factor.

Offering a wide range of services, choose The Bureau today for all your personalised stationery, banners, marketing materials, events and occasions and so much more. Enquire today and find out what we can help you with.

As digital printing is perfect for short runs and high quality – we use this for printing business cards through our specialist service 24HourCards (see www.24hourbusinesscards.co.za).

We also use the digital press to print our Photobooks which we provide through our specialist service 24HourPhotobooks (see www.24hourphotobooks.co.za) as the colour reproduction gives life to photos and professional documents.

We are proud to announce that 24Hour Photobooks has recently received Gold and Silver at the Sappi African Printer of the Year Awards in digital printing and was runner up world-wide.


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